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How to Stay Sane During Lockdown - Kids Birthday Parties and Activities for the Family.

Updated: May 15, 2020

Birthday’s for everyone during lockdown are bound to be a bit of an anti-climax, we are certainly not going to be able to celebrate as we would l like to. However there is still lots of fun to be had so I thought I would share with you a few ideas for making your child’s birthday special during lockdown.

The lovely team at The Giggle Company are offering online kids parties through the power of Zoom.

Arrange a “Character Call” where you child’s favourite character will chat to them, sing a song and make them feel really special via Zoom for 20 mins (the list of characters is endless). What could be better to start off a birthday than a one to one chat with your favourite Princess or Superhero?

Alternatively if you are looking for a more traditional type party they also offer a 45 minute Zoom Party where you can invite your child’s friends and they will all be entertained together; singing, dancing, party games etc. The party can be tailored just how you want it and again you can choose your child’s favourite character to host the party.

Check out The Giggle Company for free Instagram Live sessions; Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 10 am as well as Storytime on Wednesday & Thursday at 6.30 pm.

Cake & Balloons

Cake and Balloons are surely the mainstay of a party, if you have time why not make a Birthday Cake yourself and even get the birthday girl / boy to help? Alternatively I can recommend some lovely local businesses who can do all that for you …

Berkhamsted Balloons are still busy doing local contactless deliveries, their wide choice of balloons will certainly bring much fun and excitement to your birthday celebrations.

Other Family Activities

If you don’t want to go down the traditional party route why not just set aside the day to do something special together, these ideas don’t need to be saved for a birthday celebration;

Puppet Show

The Little Angel Theatre Company based in North London have some wonderful stories and linked activities for children aged from 3 years upwards. Minimal crafting materials are needed, probably bits and pieces you will have at home.

Listen to the stories and then make the characters so the kids can perform their very own Puppet Show.

A few simple videos of how to make a cardboard Puppet Theatre ... Theatre A / Theatre B / Theatre C

Decorate Your Own Tent

& have a Picnic in the Garden

Why not Decorate Your Own Tent, another lovely activity the whole family could enjoy! This small child’s canvas tent is available from Hobbycraft and can be transformed with the addition of paints, pens, glitter, bunting, felt shapes and much more.

Once your canvas masterpiece has been created it can be the centrepiece for your Birthday Picnic in the garden.

Virtual Days Out

Days Out are currently not possible but you can find Virtual Days Out at many attractions; my favourite is Virtual Longleat Safari narrated by Kate Humble from Countryfile, the added advantage is no long traffic jams or expensive entry fees! This 30-minute tour features close encounters with Longleat’s big cats, including their famous lions, as well as tigers, cheetahs and wolves plus many other animals.

There is also a free Longleat App you can download which includes quizzes and factsheets to accompany the tour.

Other Virtual Tours your kids may enjoy;

Disney’s Magic Happens Parade from Disneyland, California

A Treasure Hunt with Learning thrown in!

Cluego Learn is an app based, interactive treasure hunt that will help make learning fun! Each activity follows the core curriculum for Years 1 to 6 covering Maths, English and General Knowledge.

  • Simply chose your child’s year group and print off the QR codes and instructions.

  • Download the MooveGo app to your phone.

  • Cut out the QR codes and hide them around the house and garden, it helps to come up with a few clues of your own to help your child guess where the clues are hidden (if hiding in the garden probably best to stick the codes to some cardboard first to prevent them blowing away).

  • Now simply scan the Game Code to start and the treasure hunt begins, when your child finds a QR code they simply scan it with the phone and a question will appear, answer the question and go on to find the next code until the game ends and scores will be revealed!

Who knows it might even help with your home schooling routine?

Enjoy and Stay Safe! x

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